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Planning On An Outdoor Fire Pit This Summer? Check Out These Safety Tips From Creative Environments of Arizona

Enjoy Your Fire Pit And Stay Safe This Summer With Help From Creative Environments

As you’re planning to create an outdoor fire pit this summer, you know how important it is to keep you and your family safe. The experts at Creative Environments of Arizona have some tips to help you enjoy every moment around your fire with the people you love.

Creative Environments recommends placing the fire pit at least ten feet away from any structures. If you can do 25 feet away, even better. The experts at Creative Environments state that while further is always better, this is especially important if you live in a particularly windy or dry area.

Creative Environments of Arizona says that it’s vital to have your fire pit placed on non-flammable materials, such as cinder blocks. Don’t make the surprisingly common mistake of using a flammable material to raise your fire pit to your desired height.

Creative Environments AZThe experts at Creative Environments want you to think about the weather before you light your fire pit. While you may plan a party weeks in advance, if the weather isn’t right for a fire, you’ll need to make alternate plans. Creative Environments recommends checking the fire risk in your area, and forgoing the fire if it’s recommended by local authorities. If it’s too windy, you’ll also want to scrap your fire for the day. While it can be disappointing when you can’t use your fire pit, a bit of disappointment is better than the alternative if things would go south.

Creative Environments of Arizona wants to remind you never to leave children or pets alone near the fire pit. While this advice may seem like common sense, the experts at Creative Environments state that many well-meaning parents and pet owners step away just for a moment (perhaps into the house to grab more marshmallows or hot dogs), and that’s when accidents happen. The fire pit should never, ever be left unattended while it is lit.

After you’re done enjoying your fire, it’s important to dispose of your ashes in a safe way. You’ll want to drown the fire with water, and then stir what’s left with a shovel to ensure that the fire is completely out. Creative Environments of Arizona reminds you to never assume that the fire is out just because you no longer see smoke – faint embers can remain, and can cause the fire to light back up long after you attempted to extinguish the flames.

While you should enjoy your fire pit with your family this summer, be sure to follow these tips to keep everyone safe.

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