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Creative Environments AZ Talks About 5 Things You Must Know Before You Install a Pool

With each sweltering summer comes more requests for pool installations, says Dan Waters CEO of Creative Environments of Phoenix, AZ.  Along with other types of hardscapes and landscape planning, it’s a big part of our residential work each year, he says.  However, if you’re not hiring a professional to guide you when planning your in ground pool, be aware that there are some things you’ll want to know before you begin.  Here, Dan Waters, CEO of Creative Environments AZ talks about some mistakes he’s seen people make when it comes to installing their own in-ground pool.

Having your own pool is something you should be proud of, begins Dan Waters of Creative Environments AZ.  However, if it’s something that’s not done properly, it can become a liability in the future when you go to sell your home.  “It’s worth your while to talk to a professional and get some advice,” he adds.

“One of the things I want people to know is that installing an inground pool isn’t an easy job,” Waters says, but it can increase your home’s value if done correctly.  One of the primary issues we see from other contractors is uneven walls or floors, he says.  Creative Environments has special tools that most homeowners aren’t aware of that allows us to be precise, down to the eighth of an inch, he says.  If your pool is the least bit uneven, it could detract from the pool’s function and the home’s value down the road.  Creative Environments AZ knows this and takes special pride in making their customers’ pools something to be treasured. 

Creative Environments AZ

“Speaking of unevenness,” he says, “that brings me to another point — inexperienced contractors.”  Waters says if a contractor asks you to pull your own permits, it could be because they aren’t properly licensed for the job, he says.  This is something you’ve got to ask the contractor, he says, along with verifying their insurance coverage. 

“Another thing,” Waters says, “is many people look at the cost of the pool installation and think that’s all you’ll need, but you’re most likely going to want more than just a pool.”  Waters says Creative Environments’ clients ask for things like special ledges, rock walls, and adjacent hot tubs.  Paved patios are also popular with our clients, he says.  Plus, much of the cost of the pool is for things you don’t see, likes pipes and filters which can vary in quality and pricing.  So, when you’re estimating your construction costs, you’ll want to be sure to add in the little extras you’ll want so you don’t go over budget later.

Finally, you’re going to want to verify all references the contractor gives you as well as do your own due diligence, Dan Waters of Creative Environments AZ says.  All contractors are going to give you their best references, but you should research a lot deeper than that, he adds.  Ask for the last 3 jobs they’ve done, then contact those homeowners, he says.  Creative Environments AZ customers know our quality and have seen our work from years of being in the business, he explains, but with an unknown contractor, you don’t know what you’re getting until you research them completely.  “Better yet,” he explains, “just give Creative Environments AZ a call, and we’ll come out and talk to you about everything you’ll need.”

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